Mary Shelton Media is the embodiment of uptown sophistication seasoned with some downtown funk.

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Somewhere between the elevated athleisure of Princess Di and the hip-hop influence of Destiny's Child, that's where you'll find me...

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From the oldest bar on Bourbon Street, to a villa in Italy. From beach estates in Montauk, to industrial buildings in Detroit. From riding the L train through Chicago, to driving the scenic roads of Northern Michigan. It's because of photography that I find myself lucky enough to travel the world, capturing the timeless love stories of so many couples and be a part of so manys different season of life in so many wildly unique and stunning settings. 

Photography has taken me across the world and back again...

tell your love story.

frame by frame, let's

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When we mix highbrow & lowbrow, old & new, classic & modern. Digital & film. The way I photograph, my obsession with capturing you and your loved ones on the newest & oldest technologies, is the ultimate expression of the two sides of my personality.

Life is best lived when we blur the lines...just a little bit